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Introducing the

Baby Moat

Fresh fruit purée, fast.

No heating. No blending.

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what our customers are saying

I'm impressed!

I’m really impressed. The Baby Moat has saved me a lot of time and actually helped my bub enjoy a wider variety of fruit

Game Changer!!!

Forget what you know. The Baby Moat is a game changer.

Sell your thermo

Forget your Thermo ladies, this small grater has it beat!!

Loving it

What an innovative idea. I'm loving mine.

I'm converted

It wasn't buying the "less than a minute" talk, but I'm eating my words. You peel the fruit, run it across the grating bit a few times, and boom, done!

5 stars!

Game changer! As a new Mum I was so sick of the cutting and steaming fruit. I have a stick blender so would use that after it had cooled down. This is much easier

free shipping

100% glass, no plastic

dishwasher safe

what is the

Baby Moat?

Gone are the days of chopping, boiling, steaming, blending, portioning, cooling, freezing, and thawing... only to have to repeat the process a few days later.


With Baby Moat, you can make fresh fruit baby purée in less than a minute.

Simply grate your chosen fruit on the Baby Moat, and you’ll have nutrient-rich purée fast, ready to spoon-feed to your baby. Use it with over 13 nutritious fruits, and mix & match your own delicious combinations.


No pots, no pouches, no plastic.
Just 100% natural goodness, ready when you are.

make instant purÉe with...

Apples, pears, kiwifruit, strawberries, apricots, nectarines, peaches, plums, cherries, mangoes, pineapples, coconuts, figs, papayas, and any delicious combination of those.

giving back, one moat at a time

Baby Moat has partnered with i=Change to give back. On each sale we will donate $1, and you choose where the donation goes. We support the Australian Childhood Foundation, Women's Community Shelters, and The Man Cave.

With Baby Moat, your choice = change.